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Interview with Brad in Straits Times

In a phone interview with the Straits Times, Brad said the band are fans of Formula One and are looking forward to the event here in Singapore, he also talked about how he damaged his Blackberry the last the band was here.

American rock band Linkin Park are revved up about their upcoming headlining set at the 2011 Formula One SingTel Singapore Grand Prix on Sept 25.

Guitarist and founding member Brad Delson said he and his bandmates are fans of Formula One races. Delson, 33, says in a telephone interview from California: “The cars are so powerful and very loud, you can hear them a mile away, we played a performance at the Formula One last year in Abu Dhabi and some of the guys got to go up close and check out the cars. It was a very cool event and I am looking forward to this one very much as well”

Delson sounds excited when told that the band’s gig – their third in Singapore – will be at the same venue as their debut show here, the Padang.

“That place beside the old courthouse is beautiful,” he recalls, referring to the old City Hall building. “We had the vantage point and you can see the whole city from there.”

That performance was in 2004 in front of 15,000 fans, their other gig was at the Singapore Indoor Stadium in 2007, where they played to a packed, 11,000 strong audience.

For Delson, it was distinctively memorable because it was at that venue that he accidentally damaged his mobile phone. “I dropped my Blackberry in the toilet backstage and I destroyed it, I remember that very well,” he says with a laugh.

Music critics have also praised the band’s increasing musical depth. Linkin Park’s style of music has changed with each new album, and their songs in the later albums feature a more complex mix of electronica and vocal harmonies.

Delson credits thier record producer, critically acclaimed studio wizard, Rick Rubin, for inspiring their musical progress.

“He presented the idea that we didn’t have to make the same sounding record twice and we really thrive with that idea. I just think our musical tastes evolve as I believe our listeners’ tastes do, and we hope the music will resonate with the people.”

He also hopes fans who caught the last concert here by the band will enjoy the upcoming gig even more.

I’d like to think we’re always improving in our shows, and we certainly have the benefit of more new material as well as songs from previous albums.”